I’m a young mother of three, a wife, and a teacher of English for adults; it doesn’t necessarily go in that order.  We have built our family through birth and through transracial adoption from Ethiopia.  I read a lot about race, privilege, and culture to better inform my parenting, and I use this space to talk about that.  I fantasize about being a photographer one day and think my kids are gorgeous, so my kids get their pictures taken a lot and I sometimes post the results on my blog.  Ethiopian cuisine is the best food on the planet (in my humble opinion, of course), with the powerfully spicy and flavorful berbere playing a starring role, and I love to share the recipes that I’ve learned.  All of that is to say that this blog is mine, and I can’t promise that I’ll stay on topic.


6 responses to “About

  1. rachel,
    thank you so much for commenting! i was wondering and hoping to reconnect somehow, someway…

    i have much to catch up on your blog.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. We brought home 2 teenagers from Ethiopia… they are teaching me to cook Ethiopian food too. My whole family loves it. Have you ever found a recipe for kenche?
    Best wishes

  3. Hello Rachel,

    I’m a magazine writer based in California, and I am writing about the history of adoption language. I found your blog while researching “Gotcha Day.”

    I’m looking to speak with adoptive parents about this complicated issue. My email, if you are interested in following up, is tasneem.praja@gmail.com.


  4. spoonfoundation

    Hi- I’m in the process of helping to put together a website devoted to adoption nutrition (with the help of other parents and adoption professionals). I would love to touch base with you as I love the recipes on your site. Please contact me at mishelle@spoonfoundation.org. Thanks!

  5. Mishelle Rudzinski

    Hi-I am in the process of helping to create a website on adoption nutrition as part of SPOON Foundation (www.spoonfoundation.org). I would love to talk to you about including one of your recipes. Please email me if interested. Thanks!

  6. Mishelle Rudzinski

    Whoops, here’s my email: mishelle@spoonfoundation.org.

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